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Tank Storage Sustainability Initiative website launches

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Meenal Datar

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The Tank Storage Sustainability Initiative (TSSI) website is now live. TSSI is a research, development, training and coordination centre advocating sustainability in marine tank storage and refining industries.

Officially launched at the 2020 StocExpo in Rotterdam, the platform is operated and managed by Tank Terminal Training (TTT).

The website makes it possible for you to verify your current sustainability status. Join and download the Sustainability Self-Assessment Questionnaire plus get access to free resources and updates on sustenance and viability.

The goals are to enhance HSEQ performance, ensure social licensing and maintaining a constructive reputation which will boost overall efficiency and profitability.

The current Corona-19 crisis taught us that sustainability of the environment, life and social cohesion are conditions for the continuity of organisations. The industry will have to adapt to become more self-sufficient, self-maintaining, autonomous and circular.

TSSI will guide the storage and refining industry during the inevitable energy transition cycle towards a sustainable, non hydrocarbon future, in line with the carrying capacity of the planet.

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