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Tecam announces three new projects

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Environmental technology company, Tecam has announced that it has been awarded three new projects for the removal of polluting emissions derived from the industrial processes generated at technically leader industrial sectors in Norway, Germany and France.

Once these projects are installed, polluting emissions are expected to be eliminated up to 99.9% at the industrial sites where the equipment will be placed.

This is a short overview of some technical details of each project:

  • Project 1 – Norway: design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of a Thermal Oxidation (TO or also known as Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidation) unit, with a capacity of up to 3,500 Nm3/h of polluted gases, for a graphite production site.
  • Project 2 – Germany: design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of a Regenerative Thermal oxidation (RTO) package of 5,000 Nm3/h capacity + quench + gas scrubber for a petrochemical plant in north east Germany.
  • Project 3 – France: engineering services for emissions treatment for a tyre manufacturing plant in France.

Bernat Sala, Tecam CEO says: ‘The recent award of these 3 key projects for emissions abatement shows our commitment with different industrial sectors that constitute leadership on technology, renewable and circular economy strategies, and how Tecam can support the industry with eliminating their emissions.’

By eliminating high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), thermal oxidation technology allows to minimize the concentrations of VOCs emitted into the atmosphere, and at its turn comply with all current and most restrictive regulations at an international level.

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