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Stolthaven Terminals joins the Ammonia Energy Association

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Meenal Datar

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Stolthaven Terminals has announced it has joined the Ammonia Energy Association (AEA), a global non-profit industry association that promotes the responsible use of ammonia as part of a sustainable energy economy.

Stolthaven believes low and zero-carbon new energies have a critical role to play as the shipping, storage and logistics industries move from traditional petroleum-based marine fuels to greener alternatives. The company is involved in a number of projects worldwide that are exploring the transition to green and blue energy, and the AEA provides essential resources, insights and industry connections to support further progress in this area.

Pim van den Doel, commercial and business development manager, EMEA, says: ‘As an infrastructure company with terminal assets and facilities in strategic locations, we believe we can complement other AEA members, many of which are technology companies or producers. We look forward to working with member organisations to develop projects that continue to drive the reduction of emissions and promote increasingly sustainable operations across the supply chain.’

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