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Aemetis on schedule with sustainable fuel plant construction

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CTCI, an engineering procurement and construction company, have confirmed that the construction for the Aemetis Riverbank Carbon Zero sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant is on schedule. Aemetis, a California based renewable fuels company focused on negative carbon intensity products originally announced the plans for the project in October 2021.

The Aemetis Carbon Zero plant is being developed at a 125-acre former U.S. army munitions production facility. The process design utilises renewable hydrogen and renewable hydroelectric electricity to hydrotreat renewable oils to produce sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel. The Riverbank plant is designed for a capacity of 90 million gallons per year.

‘The Aemetis plant process design for the Riverbank plant utilises renewable oils, renewable hydrogen and renewable power to produce advanced renewable fuels that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. There are a limited number of firms with an ability to execute large scale renewable fuels projects within California’s environmental requirements.’ says Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis.

‘CTCI brings an experienced EPC team of engineers, designers, supply chain, and project management to the Aemetis sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant,’ says Patrick Jameson, CEO of CTCI Americas.

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