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daa and Exolum complete €40m renovation of fuel storage facilities

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daa, the operator of Dublin and Cork airports, and Exolum, Europe’s leading liquid product logistics company, have announced the completion of work to expand and improve the efficiency of the fuel storage facilities at Dublin Airport.

daa and Exolum’s investment of €40 million includes the installation of a new hydrocarbon storage terminal at Dublin Airport, doubling the plant’s storage capacity.

The new facility has three storage tanks of 5,000 cubic metres each, parking, pumping stations, charging systems for the on-board units and modern safety systems.

The project has included the construction of a hydrant system at the airport’s boarding piers with 86 fuel pits from the hydrant to facilitate on-board operations, which is connected to the storage terminal via a double pipeline.

This distribution network allows Jet A1 fuel to be transported underground from the storage terminal to the aircraft supply points. This reduces the presence of fossil fuel tanker trucks on the airport apron, enhancing the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the whole process, as well as significantly reducing the time taken to supply aircraft and cutting CO2 emissions.

The works have resulted in new refueling unit loading bays being put into operation, together with two vehicle service maintenance buildings and offices for board agents.

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