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Bureau Veritas becomes certification body for CertifHy hydrogen scheme

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Bureau Veritas has announced it has become certification body for CertifHy hydrogen scheme. The CertifHy non-governmental certification scheme offers certified proof of origin for hydrogen throughout Europe.

Smart business man concentrate working on laptop at site line of Cogeneration power plant , Engineering and business investment conceptCertifHy aims to facilitate and advance the production, procurement, and use of non-renewable, renewable, and low-carbon hydrogen. It has developed the CertifHy non-governmental certification (NGC) scheme in Europe to support the growth of the hydrogen market by providing a reliable tool for consumers to track hydrogen’s origin and environmental credentials.

The methodology underpinning this scheme focuses on two aspects: the origin of the energy used, and the carbon footprint of the hydrogen produced. These non-governmental certificates facilitate the trade of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen throughout Europe. With this new accreditation, its auditors can now perform CertifHy audits of hydrogen production facilities to ensure that the energy produced meets the CertifHy NGC Scheme requirements.

Laurence Boisramé, sales director, hydrogen, Bureau Veritas says: ‘We are pleased to join forces with responsible initiative like CertifHy, in order to bring transparency, fulfil ambitious environmental criteria, and meet decarbonization objectives in order to protect the climate and improve living conditions.’

‘Having Bureau Veritas on board is a huge milestone for CertifHy as cooperation with a major certification body will help us further scale up our renewable and low-carbon hydrogen certification scheme,’ adds Matthieu Boisson, CertifHy project coordinator.

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