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Cespa announces IPA plant

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Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Spanish multinational oil and gas company, Cespa has announced that Cepsa Quimica are going to build the world’s most competitive and environmentally-friendly plant for the production of isopropyl alcohol (IPA).

Landscape view of building site at sunriseThis will provide Cespa with the capability to offer sustainable IPA to its customers from renewable or circular raw materials.

IPA is used across a wide range of sectors including pharmaceutical, electronic, automotive industries and it is the fundamental component of hydroalcoholic gels, such as hand sanitiser.

The new plant will be powered with green hydrogen and renewable energy sources produced by Cepsa at the Andalusian Green Hydrogen Valley. And, when the plant is operational by 2025, production will be fully 100% CO2 neutral.

On LinkedIn, José María Solana Deza, EVP Chemicals at CEPSA/CEO Cepsa Química says: ‘We are very excited to reinforce our leadership with the incorporation of this new product into our portfolio and into our new platform Next… My thanks go to our incredible teams in Cepsa and Cepsa Quimica for making this project a reality.’

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