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Technip Energies to act as project management consultants for Aramco master plan

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Aramco has awarded Technip Energies the project management consultancy (PMC) contract to develop the master plan for Ras Al Khair, a new industrial city in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.A man in high vis and hard hat with Technip Energies logo overlooking an industrial site at sunset

The city is set to house an unprecedented collection of low-carbon investments as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

The master plan will comprise various studies, including:

  • Optimum land use
  • Site preparation assessment
  • Export terminal assessment
  • Environmental baseline assessment
  • Hydrocarbon supply assessment
  • 3rd party engagement
  • Area constructability and;
  • A modularisation hub

These studies will determine the scope and program execution plan for all civil, marine, telecommunication, and industrial infrastructures that will support the primary industrial projects planned by the main tenants.

Additionally, the contract includes a number of PMC studies for the execution of the Liquid-to-Chemical Program, an ambitious initiative by the Kingdom to transform a significant portion of its oil and gas production into valuable chemical products. This program involves all the major existing Aramco downstream hubs, as well as the new development of the Ras Al Khair area.

Charles Cessot, SVP T.EN X – Consulting & Products of Technip Energies, comments: ‘We are pleased to have been awarded the PMC contract for the Master Plan of Ras Al Khair, an ambitious project that is at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s vision for a low-carbon future. We look forward to working closely with Aramco to develop a comprehensive program execution plan that will support the major industrial projects planned for the Province, while also contributing to the Kingdom’s strategic goals for sustainable development.’

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