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China gains world’s largest onshore LNG storage tanks with GTT 

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As part of the BGG Tianjin Nangang LNG terminal, China Huanqiu Contracting & Engineering (HQCEC) has completed the construction of two liquefied natural gas (LNG) onshore storage tanks, each with a capacity of 220,000m3 

The tanks are the world’s largest onshore LNG storage tanks incorporating the GST membrane containment technology. 

These large onshore LNG tanks are part of the agreement signed in November 2019 between GTT and the Chinese state-owned company Beijing Enterprises Group (BEG), relating to constructing eight onshore tanks using GST technology, at the BGG Tianjin Nangang LNG terminal. 

The two onshore tanks are now in the commissioning phase and will become operational in the first half of 2023. 

The GST technology developed by GTT offers safer storage management through integrated monitoring, greater storage capacity, and greater environmental provisions. 

Philippe Berterottière, chairman and CEO of the GTT Group, says: ‘The construction of these first two onshore tanks marks an important milestone for BGG’s LNG terminal in Tianjin. These tanks are the first of eight planned for the site and are already the largest onshore tanks in the world equipped with our GST technology. We thank BGG and the Chinese government for their trust and wish HQCEC every success of this new terminal.’ 

Mrs. Yalan Li, chairwoman of BGG and president of IGU, says: ‘This milestone is the reward of five years of assessment, preparation, engineering and actual construction. The City of Beijing and Beijing Entreprises Group are proud to have evolved this emerging technology into a promising solution for many projects around the world. Thanks to this world first, these containment membrane tanks are on their way to becoming state-of-the-art in LNG storage. We have been impressed by the dedication and passion of GTT and HQCEC to make this world first a success, and we thank the French and Chinese authorities for supporting such an important technology partnership between our two countries.’ 

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