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H2Carrier and Larsen & Toubro sign MoU for floating ammonia storage

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Designer and owner of the proprietary floating energy production and storage, H2Carrier AS (H2C) and Indian multinational company, Larsen &Toubro (L&T) sign an memorandum of understanding (MoU) in order to co-operate towards developing  floating green ammonia projects for industrial-scale applications the ultimate aim of which is to decarbonise the global economy.

H2C plans to build the P2XFloater hull at yards in Asia while L&T will design and fabricate the topside  process & utility modules for the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia, including the electrolysers, the nitrogen generation plant and ammonia synthesis.

Subramanian Sarma, director and senior executive vice president of energy at L&T says: ‘To fast-track the progress towards the decarbonisation goals, out-of-the-box thinking and innovative solutions are the need of the hour. In this regard, our partnership with H2Carrier is very timely and is expected to unleash synergies as we enjoy strong complementarities. We are delighted to collaborate with H2C on their unique & novel P2XFloater design and we strongly believe that L&T,  with its globally recognised expertise in ammonia and hydrogen production as well as vast experience in design & fabrication of complex process modules, is poised to be the ideal partner for H2C in this venture.’

‘Our P2XFloater design represents a solution which addresses a number of concerns for renewable energy projects…By teaming up with L&T, we have taken a significant step towards creating an optimal supply chain for delivering P2XFloater on a large scale to projects anywhere in the world…we are confident of being able to establish a high and reliable production capacity to serve our global customers,’ adds Mårten Lunde, CEO of H2C.

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