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EnBW chooses Stade for LNG and H2 imports

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Publicly-traded energy company, EnBW will import 3 billion  m3 of LNG per year via the Hanseatic Energy Hub in Stade, Germany. The capacities make a significant contribution to Germany’s security of supply with affordable energy.

The Hanseatic Energy Hub is a future-flexible modular system for the green energy transition that uses the opportunities of the Stade energy region.

In addition, EnBW will have the option to move to ammonia as a hydrogen-based energy source at a later date. This possibility is open to all Hanseatic Energy Hub customers with a long-term contract of more than 10 years.

Georg Stamatelopoulos, member of the EnBW board of management and COO sustainable generation infrastructure says: ‘At EnBW, we are intensively on the transition from fossil fuels such as coal to non-fossil fuels such as hydrogen. The cooperation with the Hanseatic Energy Hub fits very well into our efforts to become climate-neutral by 2035.’

‘EnBW has been demonstrating for a long time how a smart conversion of the energy supply works. We are pleased that the Hanseatic Energy Hub will become a central energy import hub for EnBW in the future,’ adds Johann Killinger, Hanseatic Energy Hub´s managing director and co-shareholder.



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