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Gasunie to increase LNG imports to Netherlands 

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Gasunie Gate terminal

Energy network company, Gasunie, is investigating options for a temporary expansion of LNG import capacity in the Netherlands. 

The study is taking place following consultation with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs on Climate.  

Multiple sites are being considered including the existing LNG facilities in Eemshaven (EemsEnergyTerminal) and in Rotterdam (Gate). Gasunie will base the potential expansion capacity on the technical specs of the facilities. 

In addition to this, one or more new floating LNG terminals will be required to ensure a sufficient supply of gas in 2023. The Port of Terneuzen is being considered for this.  

In the short term, realising additional LNG import capacity is the best approach to stabilise prices in the gas market. The additional LNG coming in through the Netherlands, reduces supply scarcity and therefore can contribute to lowering gas prices. Gasunie is also looking at a temporary further expansion of import capacity until winter 2025/2026. 

The project intends to use as many parts of the temporary installations as possible for hydrogen transport after a few years. 

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