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Exolum joins REDI in raising awareness and development of LGBTQ+ employees 

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Meenal Datar

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Exolum has signed an agreement to join REDI, the first business and expert network for diversity and the inclusion of LGBTQ+ employees and advocates in Spain, which is firmly committed to promoting full respect for the rights of this group in the workplace.  

Exolum is now a member of an association of more than 150 companies that aims to contribute to the inclusion of the sexual and gender diversity of LGBTQ+ people and to eliminate socio-cultural prejudices that hinder their professional development.  

REDI is a network of companies and professionals that are committed to promoting an environment of respect in organisations and fostering awareness and inclusion of talent, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  

Cristina Jaraba, global people lead of Exolum, says: ‘Joining REDI is a step further in Exolum’s commitment to building awareness and promoting diversity in the workplace. Accordingly, Exolum is publicly voicing support for this group and furthering the implementation of strategies and tools that build awareness and respect and break down the barriers to the professional development of LGTBIQ+ employees.’ 

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