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How Your Terminal Will be Managed in 2030, Today

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The idea for HyBird came about when co-founder and CTO, Mohamed Hafez, faced a critical safety incident when inspecting and maintaining a biogas digester tank. The incident highlighted the need for these potentially dangerous facilities to have a remote solution that could warn when certain elements need to be serviced or replaced.


Asset operators don’t have all the information they need to manage their assets effectively. It is largely scattered across several systems, used by multiple teams, and is sometimes captured in local and individual documents and spreadsheets. This doesn’t help with managing the facility effectively or with making decisions based on accessible and complete data points.

Plus, this overlapping information is often not synchronised between those systems and is captured in large databases with clunky user interfaces. This has made capturing, accessing, and using accurate facility data extremely difficult.

Clarity solves many of these pain points by offering a highly integrated platform that allows synchronisation with CMMS, EAM, and document management platforms, from a cybersecure cloud-based single source-of-truth platform. Clarity offers data contextualisation by integrating digital twin technology, without the heavy cost, time, expertise, and resource investment traditionally required.

Clarity’s capabilities are built around a highly precise photorealistic 3D Reality Model (3DRM) that requires no effort from end users and is achieved more than 10 times faster than the inferior traditional laser scanning methods. Moreover, the 3DRM is continuously updatable using a dedicated mobile app: Clarity Capture.
Clarity is the only platform that connects asset data, drawings, and workflows with the reality of the asset. The platform unifies data into a single point that’s available in the office using a web-app built around the 3DRM as well as in the field using an augmented reality (AR) mobile app: Clarity Connected Workforce. This provides instant access to all site information by simply pointing a smart device at a component or asset.


HyBird is dedicated to reducing the cost and risk of managing heavy industry facilities. The integration of reality and data makes finding information up to 20 times faster and reduces the risk of accessing wrong or inaccurate information, as well as minimising the potential for working on the wrong components or processes. This significantly reduces human factors and allows easy onboarding of contractors and new recruits. The 3DRM also allows remote cooperation between business experts on an as-built always up-to-date digital twin, to avoid working from the wrong assumptions, to enable faster and more effective collaboration.

Being highly customisable and user-friendly are key priorities for Clarity Connected Workforce, which allows for capturing data in the field (observations, notifications, preventative maintenance routines) within seconds and automatically generating reports for tagged defects and risks. This allows organisations to build structured and evidencable knowledge over time. With automatic 4D contextualisation of captured data, ease of data capture, and integration of all data into one single-source-of-truth, Clarity empowers and enables engineers, managers, and executives from all around the world to make better business decisions at lightning-fast speed.


As terminals steam ahead with digitalisation, it’s worth mentioning that HyBird’s Clarity platform can be implemented onto existing and legacy systems – so there’s no need for a massive overhaul. That said, the software is ready for the next stage of tank terminal technology – the implementation of robotics. The software is robot-ready and will be able to integrate data collected from robots and drones easily to help contextualise the data.

When HyBird was last at StocExpo, it was all about educating the industry on what could be achieved with its 3D asset management system. Now, the proof is in and HyBird will be showcasing a real-life case study, explaining how its robust management system has transformed operations at a major European terminal.


Ahmed Hadid will be speaking at the StocExpo conference on 14-16 March. Register now to access the conference and visit HyBird on Stand D3 for a live demonstration of the Clarity system.

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