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Exolum Obtains The ‘Top Employer 2024’ Certification

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Molly Cooper

Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Exolum has received the ‘Top Employer 2024’ certification, a recognition that places it as one of the companies with the best practices in human resources management, by preserving stable and quality jobs with the aim of enabling Exolum professionals to fully develop their careers.

This certification positions Exolum as one of the 2,300 companies across the globe and 137 in Spain that stand out for their excellence in people management practices after undergoing a rigorous evaluation process.

Top Employers Institute, the organisation granting the recognition, values the efforts made by the company in HR, after the successful completion of three stages consisting of an HR best practice survey, validation and audit which are required in order to be eligible for the certification.

For such purpose, 20 different topics were analysed and assessed during the process, including workforce planning, talent acquisition, employee wellness programmes and social learning, among others.

Such qualities, which are essential to being a recognised top employer, were assessed following a process audited by an independent body. During the qualifying stage, Exolum’s score was compared with an international standard, thus obtaining the status of top employer for 2024.

Cristina Jaraba, Exolum’s global people lead, says: ‘We are extremely proud of this recognition, which positions us as a Top Employer for 2024. This certification proves Exolum’s efforts in managing its workforce by promoting values such as diversity and equality and favouring work-life balance, talent attraction and professional and personal development.’

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