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ExxonMobil and Nucor announce CCUS agreement

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ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions’ has announced an new carbon capture and storage agreement with steel producers, Nucor Corporation.

ExxonMobil will capture, transport and store up to 800,000 metric tons per year of CO2 from Nucor’s manufacturing site in Convent, Louisiana, USA.

Dan Ammann, president of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solution says: ‘Our agreement with Nucor is the latest example of how we’re delivering on our mission to help accelerate the world’s path to net zero and build a compelling new business. Momentum is building as customers recognise our ability to solve emission challenges at scale.’

This is the third carbon capture agreement ExxonMobil have announced in the past seven months, following previous ones with industrial gas company Linde and CF Industries, maker of agricultural fertiliser.

The Nucor project, expected to start up in 2026.

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