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HAV Group and Pherousa become industrial partners

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Provider of technology and services for maritime and marine industries, HAV Group has agreed to become industrialistion partner for solution for emission free deep-sea shipping company, Pherousa Green Technologies (Pherousa), which is developing an ammonia cracker capable of converting ammonia to fuel cell quality hydrogen.

HAV Group currently holds a 10 percent ownership share in Pherousa.

Gunnar Larsen, CEO of HAV Group says: ‘This technology will enable a ship to bunker ammonia as a hydrogen carrier, and produce hydrogen on board, either for use in fuel cells or as pilot fuel in internal combustion engines. Ammonia has no carbon in its molecule, it is easily compressed and stored as a liquid and therefore is an excellent hydrogen storage medium. It is a technology that could become a major contributor towards realising the world’s zero emission shipping ambitions. The fact that Pherousa is close to its market breakthrough by being asked to install its technology on board six dry bulk carriers obviously make this an even more interesting partnership and investment.’

‘By launching our ammonia-to-hydrogen cracking technology onboard an existing deltamarin design we aim to take a lead and show the way for future potential customers of Pherousa and our technology. We are further pleased to do this in company with our partners and shareholders, Helbio S.A., Metacon AB and HAV Group ASA,’ adds chairman of Pherousa, Hans Bredrup.

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