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Gascade to develop first LNG link to German gas network in Lubmin

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Gascade, alongside partners NEL and OPAL & Co., is expected to provide the first LNG link to the German gas network. The LNG pipeline link should be ready before the end of 2022.

The transmission system operator plans to build the pipeline, measuring a few hundred metres long, connecting a first floating storage regasification unit (FSRU) to land as part of the ‘Deutsche Ostee’ LNG project.

The new pipeline will connect the FSRU to the landing station near Lubmin with a feed-in capacity of approximately 6 GWh/h. Liquified gas will be converted on the FSRU into a gaseous state. The regasified liquified gas is then able to be transported from the Greifswald landing station via OPAL and NEL gas pipelines and EUGAL to Germany and Europe.

Gascade has prepared the necessary contract and planning documents for the project, which are due to be handed over to the approval authority, the Stralsund Mining Authority. Christoph von dem Bussche, managing director of Gascade and NEL Gastransport says: ‘Through this, we are supporting the efforts of the government and society’s wish to diversify supply sources as fast as possible’.

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