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VDMA Valves elects new board

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Meenal Datar

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The VDMA Valves Association elected a new board. Axel Weidner, Mankenberg GmbH, was again elected chairman of the association and the new vice chairman is Oliver D. Gessert, KWC Aquarotter GmbH.

In addition belong to the executive board of the association: Rolf Kummer (Armaturenfabrik Franz Schneider GmbH + Co. KG), Martin Leser (LESER GmbH & Co. KG), Johannes Rump (Oventrop GmbH & Co. KG) and Elisa Sasserath-Kentsch (Hans Sasserath GmbH & Co. KG).

VDMA Valves Association Managing Director, Wolfgang Burchard says ‘Over the next four years, we will have to deal with the implications of the new geopolitical situation for the global economy together with the executive board’.

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