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Germany launches new LNG terminal

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A fleet of oil, gas, chemical tankers on the open sea

The German government has completed launching its first floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) terminal. This will receive liquefied natural gas as part of Berlin’s plan to replace Russian gas.

The infrastructure was completed in 194 days  which was achievable due to permitting exceptions and forgoing environmental impact assessments.

Due to the halt in gas supply from Russia provider Gazprom,  following the destruction of the Nord Stream 1 pipeline, Germany would be missing 50 billion m3 of gas yearly. This created a sense of urgency, leading to the rapid development of the FLNG terminal.

Olaf Lies, the economy minister of the German state of Lower Saxony told news outlets: ‘Germany is looking to Wilhelmshaven today. The new LNG terminal is a big step towards a secure energy supply.’

A second floating LNG terminal is expected to be completed in in December, with another three next year. The German government hopes to replace 50 to 60% of Russian gas with LNG in 2023.

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