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GPS announce commercial operation at Port Klang LPG terminal

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GPS Group has announced the successful completion of its LPG storage terminal in Port Klang, Malaysia, with its first commercial operation in May of this year.

Situated in Port Klang, Malaysia’s busiest port, the new infrastructure will enable cost-advantaged shipments of fully laden very large gas carriers (VLGC) into Malaysia and the region. The fully automated facility makes it possible to re-export pressurised shipments into the region and domestic distribution within Malaysia by truck and cylinders. The terminal also allows direct transfers for LPG by pipeline to other LPG distribution facilities in the port.

Equinor has taken the full capacity of the terminal on a long-term basis and can take advantage of the terminal’s strategic location to increase sales of LGP in Asia.

Annual throughput at the terminal is estimated to be 1.2 million tonnes per year and can handle VLGC and pressurised LPG vessels at its jetty. The 135,000 cubic metre terminal commenced commercial operation in May 2022.

Eric Arnold, Chairman and CEO of GPS, who owns and operates the LPG facility, says: ‘The completion of the new terminal is a game changer for LPG shipments into the region. It is the first time that an independent player has the advantage of VLGC freight economics into South East Asia.’

GPS’s focus is on developing the infrastructure that suppliers of gas and petroleum, like Equinor, need, to access the global market. The LPG terminal is the latest example of GPS’s technical team and operational expertise combined with the financial resources of shareholders to deliver industry-changing initiatives.

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