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Shanghai announces new plans for major hydrogen development

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Shanghai and its local departments have announced extensive plans to build a regional hydrogen pipeline network and a national trading platform. Lin Boqiang says: ‘Hydrogen plays an important part in China’s promotion of new energy development to peak carbon emissions by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2060.’

The concerted efforts to reduce emissions and carbon footprint include the implementation of a national hydrogen trading platform, hydrogen transmission network pipelines and a hydrogen port.

Shanghai has already pledged to build approximately 70 hydrogen fuelling stations and grow its hydrogen industrial chain surpass to 100 billion yuan ($14.6 billion) by 2025.

The plan established by ten local Shanghai departments sets out that the city will move quickly to create a layout of the hydrogen transmission pipeline network, explore the planning and construction of pure hydrogen pipelines and hydrogen-mixed natural gas pipelines, and carry out the relevant demonstrative projects in Lingang.

The plan also expresses how the city will support leading domestic companies in the hydrogen sector, with financial support available to hydrogen focussed businesses. The aim of financial support will be for businesses to innovate technologies, develop new equipment, and expand opportunities.

Shanghai’s new hydrogen-focused policies align with China’s national hydrogen plans which aim to produce 100,000-200,000 tonnes of green energy hydrogen by 2025 and to promote hydrogen use in transport, heavy industry, and energy storage – among other fields.

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