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H2U and Vopak to collaborate on green hydrogen and green ammonia project

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Digital graphicThe Hydrogen Utility (H2U) and Vopak Terminals Australia (Vopak) have announced their collaboration in relation to H2U’s H2-Hub Gladstone project, a multi-billion renewable energy complex producing green hydrogen and green ammonia, proposed to be established in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia.

H2-Hub Gladstone is the largest green hydrogen and green ammonia development in Queensland, with 3 GW in planned electrolysers capacity and over 1.7 MTPA of planned green ammonia production.

H2U and Vopak will collaborate with existing partners to progress development of the project, focusing mainly on the Export Terminal of H2-Hub Gladstone.

H2U has recently announced strategic collaborations and green ammonia offtake with partners in the domestic and export markets, including:

• Orica Australia, operating the nearby Orica Yarwun Manufacturing Facility,
• MHI Group, spanning energy, smart infrastructure, industrial machinery, aerospace and defence
• Korea EWP, the operator of the multi-GW Dangjin Power Generation complex

Paul Kanters, managing director of Vopak Terminals Australia, says: ‘This partnership fits well within Vopak strategic goal to accelerate towards new energies…Our participation in the H2-Hub Gladstone project, announced today, positions Vopak as a key partner in one of the leading and most advanced green hydrogen and green ammonia projects worldwide.’

‘Vopak’s expertise, strong capability, and industry-leading track record as a multi-product storage terminal operator combined with their presence in the main industrial and port clusters globally, and within the Asia-Pacific region, brings H2-Hub Gladstone in a unique position to support off takers in the rapidly growing market for green ammonia exports, including in the power generation and shipping sectors,’ adds H2U Founder and CEO, Attilio Pigneri.

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