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HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline consultation commences

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The HyNet North West Hydrogen Pipeline consultation has begun and will run until 10 November. The consultation includes nine in-person events across the project area and
two online events through October.

Cadent is responsible for bringing forward the proposals. The consultation will help the company understand views and information that could help development and plans.

HyNet is proposing the UK’s first 100% hydrogen pipeline at scale. The proposal comprises the construction, operation and maintenance of up to 125km of new pipelines. This would eventually distribute hydrogen to several industrial gas customers in the North West.

The underground pipeline will also feature around ten Hydrogen Above Ground Installations (HAGIs) along its route.

Rob Donovan, Project Director for Cadent’s Hynet North West Hydrogen Pipeline says: ‘This is a really
important project – both for the local area and nationally. The North West Hydrogen Pipeline and
wider HyNet North West programme have a key role to play in helping the UK achieve net zero by 2050, as well as to home-grow energy security. It will also unlock numerous opportunities in the north west, including attraction of new businesses to the area due to low carbon energy being

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