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Idemitsu, HEPCO and JAPEX sign MoU for CCUS

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Japanese petroleum company, Idemitsu, electric company, Hokkaido Electric Power (HEPCO), and Japan Petroleum Exploration (JAPEX) have announced the beginning of a joint study for implementing carbon dioxide capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) in the Tomakomai area of Hokkaido, Japan.

Following the Japanese government’s announcement of a carbon neutrality goal by 2050 in October 2020, the movement toward a decarbonised society is gaining momentum. Hokkaido also announced a zero carbon Hokkaido plan in March 2020 towards net zero emissions of green house gas (GHG) and is actively making efforts towards that.

With the view of the implementation of a CCUS project by hub and cluster model connecting several sites in the Tomakomai area by fiscal 2030, and the three companies will proceed specific investigations and examinations, mainly such as technical verifications of CO2 emitting sites/capture facilities/transportation pipelines and site survey for CO2 storage.

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