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Linde plans to develop green liquid hydrogen plant in Niagara Falls

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Niagara Falls, New York, is to gain a green hydrogen production site, as Linde announces plans to build a 35MW PEM electrolyser at the iconic location.

Linde have they expressed it will be the largest electrolyser installed by the company globally to date and will double its green liquid hydrogen production capacity in the US.

The new project will see Linde build, own, and operate the industrial-scale electrolyser and will use hydroelectric power to produce green liquid hydrogen.

Due to start-up by 2025, Linde will leverage its existing liquefier and distribution infrastructure already in place to supply existing and new customers. The firm has also said this project is the first of several electrolysers it plans to build in the US over the coming years, in its bid to address green liquid hydrogen demand across the country.

As the largest liquid hydrogen producer in America, the new capacity Linde establishes will increase product availability at a time of growing demand for its customers across different markets, including electronics and manufacturing.

The new project by the industrial gas giant will aim to support growing demand and pressure to contribute to the green hydrogen market.

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