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Linde to Supply Nitrogen Wash and ASU to Australia Urea Plant

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Linde Engineering has signed a contract for the engineering and procurement of an air separation unit (ASU) and a nitrogen wash unit (NWU) for a urea plant in Karratha, Western Australia.

A 3D illustration of the site in Karratha, Western Australia, CREDIT: Perdaman

Perdaman Industries is making an investment of $4.5 billion (€2.7 billion) in the plant, which will convert natural gas into urea, a widely used fertilizer for food production. Upon completion, the plant will be the largest in Australia. The single-train ASU will have a capacity of 63,000 Nm3/h of gaseous oxygen. The single-train NWU, with a capacity of 392,000 Nm3/h syngas to supply the downstream ammonia plant, will be the world’s biggest single-train NWU. Prior to contract signing, Linde Engineering has already provided solutions and input for the feasibility and front-end engineering design (FEED) studies to the customer.

‘The new agreement builds on a business relationship with Perdaman stretching back more than a decade. We are pleased that the company entrusts us with this milestone project for urea production. Our team of experts around the world are now joining forces to deliver. The project demonstrates Linde’s capabilities in APAC and supports Australia’s growing clean energy market by providing ammonia as a low-carbon feedstock for urea production,’ says Robert Eichelmann, senior vice president at Linde Engineering APAC.

‘This project will help to ensure that Australia has a secure and reliable source of high quality urea and therefore food security. Linde has been awarded this significant project to deliver an air separation unit and nitrogen wash unit based on its technical expertise and operational excellence,’ adds Vikas Rambal, chairman of Perdaman.

Perdaman Industries commissioned two lead engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, Clough of Western Australia and Saipem of Italy, to implement the planned urea plant. Both companies are managing the overall realization in a 50/50 joint venture. The joint venture placed the order for the air separation unit and the nitrogen wash unit with Linde.

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