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Mexican export terminals reopen

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Three oil export terminals in the Gulf of Mexico have now reopened after being closed on 2 January.

The state-owned company Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, was forced to close its sites at Dos Bocas port, Coatzacoalcos and Cayo Arcas due to bad weather.

Dos Bocas port reopened yesterday (4 January), while its two larger sister sites reopened on 3 January.

However, closures during winter and the hurricane season aren’t uncommon and do not adversely affect exports due to the ports’ storage capacity.

Pemex exported 1.348 million barrels of crude oil a day (958,798 from Cayo Arcas, 156,514 from Coatzacoalcos and 99,196 from Dos Bocas), with the majority of it going to the US.

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