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Geldof constructs storage tanks for Poland’s first port terminal

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Two large petroleum storage tanks are being constructed in Gda?sk, Poland by Belgian company Gedolf.
The company is providing a significant portion of the country’s first port terminal’s total storage capacity with the construction of two new double-walled tanks – each with a capacity of 62,500 m3 out of a total capacity of 700,000 m3.
PERN ‘Przyja??’ Group is investing €200 million into the project and it is anticipated that the storage tanks will be brought into use at the end of 2015. The project will safeguard supplies of crude oil, liquid fuels and chemicals in the region.
Krzysztof Marek Diduch, managing director for Engicon Poland, a branch of Geldof, says: ‘This terminal is strategically very important for Poland.
‘Poland is currently reliant on crude oil supplies from Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. The country has limited possibilities for producing its own crude oil, but this terminal means Poland can now import crude oil from all over the world. The storage tanks will safeguard the energy supplies for the entire region.’
The terminal is being built close to Poland’s second largest refinery Lotos. The Gda?sk refinery is also one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

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