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Naftogaz to increase gas production in west Ukraine    

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Naftogaz Group, a Ukrainian state-owned oil and gas company, is currently increasing gas production in western Ukraine with the use of new technologies and equipment.  

Yuriy Vitrenko, CEO at Naftogaz has addressed that Ukraine’s energy security demands maximum self-sufficiency in the provision of energy sources. According to Vitrenko, each year Naftogaz increases capital investments in exploration and production to reach targets.  

An increase and stabilisation in domestic gas production will bring Ukraine crucially closer to energy independence and will aid heating in the season 2022-2023 for the country.  

Vitrenko also explains that in preparing for the coming heating season, the current infrastructural readiness of Ukraine’s underground gas storage facilities is 100%. 13 bcm has already been pumped into this storage, and the pumping process is underway. Naftogaz has additionally initiated gas purchases from private producers, with over 200 mcm purchased to date.  

In addition to an increase in gas production, Naftogaz is working to implement projects for the construction of a few biofuel CHP facilities. 

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