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Norwegian government approve Snøhvit partners’ plans

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The Norwegian government has approved the Snøhvit partners’ plans for the future operation of Snøhvit and Hammerfest LNG, Norway, subject to certain conditions. The approval entails onshore compression from 2028, and electrification of the plant from 2030.

Norway approves over €16.9 billion for oil and gas investments

The Snøhvit partners are investing NOK 13.2 billion (2022) in the Snøhvit Future project.

Crowd of people in front of a stage with three people onGeir Tungesvik, Equinor’s executive vice president for projects, drilling and procurement says: ‘The project ensures long-term operation and export from Melkøya towards 2050. We fully understand that there have been many factors to consider, and we will recommend the partnership to meet the conditions for the authorities’ approval.’

The authorities have postponed the start of electrification by two years, from 2028 to 2030. The plant will continue to run on gas turbines during this period.

The electrification will reduce CO2 emissions from the plant by around 850,000 tonnes annually. This is the most substantial individual emission reduction decision that has been made aimed at decarbonising oil and gas production in Norway.

The project is an important contribution towards the energy transition.

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