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OCI Global announces agreement with New Fortress Energy for green ammonia

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Producer of ammonia and methanol, OCI Global has announced an agreement to offtake green hydrogen from New Fortress Energy ZeroParks beginning in 2025.

The agreement will allow OCI Global to significantly scale up green ammonia production capacity to approximately 160,000 tons (145,000 tonnes) per year in Beaumont, Texas, US.

This agreement follows the 100-megawatt (MW) electrolyzer system order from Electric Hydrogen Co. (EH2) announced by New Fortress Energy on Tuesday.

A view of a factory from a windowThe green hydrogen will be produced by ZeroParks, NFE’s hydrogen business, using proton exchange membrane (PEM) technology and delivered to OCI’s facilities in Beaumont, Texas where it will then be converted into green ammonia.

Nassef Sawiris, executive chair at OCI Global says: ‘Ammonia and methanol are the logical hydrogen carriers to drive this transition and the coming demand from the transportation sector provides the foundation for our scale-up in production and new technologies. NFE is an established energy player and developer and we are excited to start this partnership with them at our Beaumont complex.’

‘OCI is already at the forefront of decarbonisation efforts in the international arena which made them a clear and solid choice as a partner,’ adds Wes Edens, chairman and CEO at New Fortress Energy.

The project will come online in two phases; the first phase in 2025, allowing OCI to produce approximately 80,000 tons (72,000 tonnes) per year of green ammonia and the second, in 2026, doubling OCI’s production capacity to 160,000 tons (145,000 tonnes) per year.

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