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SEFE signs 4 year contract with Oman LNG

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Securing Energy for Europe (SEFE) and Oman LNG have signed a binding term-sheet agreement.

Under the agreement, SEFE will receive 0.4 MTPA from Oman LNG. The agreement is based on a 4-year contract, starting in 2026.

Two people leaning on desk signing papersThe signing of agreement between SEFE and Oman LNG marks a milestone as SEFE becomes the first German firm to receive Omani LNG in the partnership between Oman LNG and international energy firms.

Mahmoud Al-Baloushi, CCO of Oman LNG says: ‘The term-sheet signing with SEFE marks another milestone, where the Omani LNG will be accessing new market through Germany, and beyond. Going further, the agreement leverages our constant efforts to add value to Oman’s economy through growth and collaborations, especially as we see Oman tapping further on Germany’s technologies and market, more broadly, thus creating a win-win for both.’

‘As pioneers among German companies to embark on this partnership, SEFE is proud to lead the way towards enhanced collaboration. The partnership with Oman LNG diversifies SEFE’s portfolio and reinforces our efforts to continue to reliably supply our customers with energy,’ adds Egbert Laege, CEO of SEFE.

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