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Shell and LBC join for pyrolysis oil storage and handling

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Cyann Fielding

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

LBC Tank Terminals has announced a collaboration with Shell Chemicals for the storage of pyrolysis oil derived from plastic waste in the Port of Rotterdam.

Strategically located in the key European logistical hub, LBC’s Rotterdam terminal plays an essential role in supporting the chemical industry and sustainable innovation by offering the required infrastructure and expertise in efficient storage and handling of liquid bulk products. Pyrolysis oil, a promising alternative chemical feedstock derived from waste materials, is at the forefront of efforts to promote resource efficiency and contribute to a circular economy.

‘Shell is excited to start this collaboration with LBC, the 5-year agreement supports our strategy to supply our customers with more circular chemicals and to help the development of a viable plastic circular economy in Europe’, says Liz Allen, general manager of Shell Chemicals Business Management Northwest Europe. ‘This dedicated storage will help grow the market for pyrolysis oil by delivering much needed capacity which will enable Shell to aggregate and process pyrolysis oil from multiple suppliers and improve value chain flexibility.’

Frank Erkelens, CEO of LBC Tank Terminals, says: ‘This collaboration reiterates LBC’s dedication to making impact by driving positive change within the industry. Storage solutions play a crucial role in advancing and supporting long-term growth in the circular chemicals value chain, and we look forward to combining forces with Shell in making significant progress towards achieving a carbon-neutral future.’

This collaboration marks a valuable step in the development of the pyrolysis oil market and supply chain. By combining expertise and resources, Shell Chemicals and LBC Tank Terminals are helping to nurture innovative solutions and drive sustainable growth.


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