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Sinopec aims to be world leader in hydrogen refuelling

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China Petrochemical Corp, also known as Sinopec, the world’s largest refiner by volume, says it will further boost its green hydrogen manufacturing capabilities and expand its hydrogen refuelling network nationwide to establish itself as China’s largest hydrogen company.

The company will utilise its nationwide gas refuelling network and actively build its hydrogen refuelling network in China. The company also aims for a hydrogen refuelling capacity of 120,000 metric tonnes per year by 2025.

Sinopec also plans to step up its refinery using green hydrogen, which is derived from renewable resources, to establish a lead in the high-quality development of the country’s hydrogen sector, whilst also promoting the consumption of cleaner energy in the transportation and industrial sectors.

In an attempt to gradually replace fossil fuel in the refinery sector, Sinopec will increase the utilisation scale of renewable energy in hydrogen production. Refinery demand for hydrogen has increased due to a higher international demand for diesel fuel and as sulphur-content regulations have become increasingly stringent.

Sinopec’s goal to build a hydrogen economy by seizing opportunities in the production, storage, transport, and delivery of hydrogen would be a significant milestone in establishing itself as a leader in the country’s hydrogen economy.

With Sinopec’s advantages in the petrochemical sector, they will transition from grey hydrogen to green hydrogen to aid smoother facilitation of the country’s green transition.

Sinopec started construction of a 3-billion-yuan ($434 million) green hydrogen plant, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tonnes, last year. Following their announcement to transition to green hydrogen, Sinopec will additionally build hydrogen storage tanks and a hydrogen pipeline network. The project, due to start production in 2023, will supply hydrogen to Sinopec’s Tahe refinery to replace its current gas-to-hydrogen facilities.

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