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R2E group announces energy cyber security alliance with Resilient Shield

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R2E Group, a management service company for the energy industry, has announced its alliance with Resilient Shield, cyber security specialists, to provide specialised cyber security services to the energy industry’s critical infrastructure. The alliance was formed to bridge the gap between energy industry business experience and cyber security functional and technical socialised expertise. Energy industry specific cyber security services includes business diagnostic, tactical threat monitoring, and strategic cyber resilience management program development.

‘With the daily cyber threats to Europe and North America’s critical energy infrastructure, it is timely to form an alliance to bridge the gap between the energy industry executive and the cyber security technology worlds,’ says Darrell Rangnow, managing partner at R2E Group.

‘Cybersecurity is a complex issue for various organisations but particularly within critical infrastructure and LNG. Our energy infrastructure is vital to our society. Through the collaboration with R2E Group we are now able to set up and monitor the right cybersecurity processes in addition to technology. Whether it is financial quantification or hardening of IT/OT and IOT infrastructure, we combine two optimal worlds with a shared result of cyber resilience for your organisation,’ says Igor van Gemert founder of Resilient Shield.

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