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Uniper plans syngas power plant

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Uniper is planning to develop a syngas power plant at Chemelot in the Netherlands. Chemelot is a key industrial cluster, and will be the first location in the country for this innovative technology.

Chemelot executive director Loek Radix is very pleased with Uniper’s intention: ‘Chemelot has the ambition to be the most sustainable chemistry site in Europe using the strong integration of the site. As soon as possible we want to replace our fossil resource streams consisting of natural gas and naphtha with renewable raw materials and start producing in a fully circular way. In that respect, Uniper’s syngas plant fits perfectly into Chemelot’s strategy.’

The project is now in the early development phase, aiming at being operational by 2027/2028.

Uniper COO Holger Kreetz says: ‘This project is an excellent example of Uniper’s commitment to its activities in the Netherlands and to the decarbonisation of hard to abate industries such as the chemical industries here at Chemelot. This forms part of our wider decarbonization activity across Europe and at the Maasvlakte, where we currently undertaking a FEED study for 100 – 500 MW of green hydrogen production.’

What is Syngas? Syngas can replace natural gas in chemical production processes. Through a scalable process, biomass is torrefied and then converted into syngas. This process produces biogenic CO2, which is used to produce sustainable chemicals, making syngas a key element in the green production of plastics, fertilisers and pharmaceuticals, among other things.



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