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VTTI explores bio-energy installation in the Netherlands

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Green energy

VTTI is exploring the development of a modern bio-energy installation to produce green gas at Zevenellen business park (Leudal, Limburg, the Netherlands). The project would bring together clean energy and principles of a circular economy at the business park.

The first step for the environmental impact assessment is being prepared.

VTTI Bio-Energy Limburg forms part of VTTI’s strategy and its growing portfolio of bio-energy facilities in the Netherlands and Europe.

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At this site, VTTI would process organic side streams, such as residues from the food industry and agriculture, including manure, in a closed system. This allows the facility to reuse valuable minerals.

The bio-energy facility could make an important contribution to the region’s ambitious sustainability goals by lowering methane emissions from animal manure and reducing nitrogen emissions. It also contributes to the Dutch government’s target of producing 2 billion m³ of green gas by 2030.

This summer, VTTI will consult with local residents and other stakeholders in the vicinity of Zevenellen business park. There will also be an information meeting for interested parties.

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