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What’s on at StocExpo: Day Two

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Meenal Datar

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Day one of StocExpo kicked off with a bang as doors opened and visitors flooded the show. The two conference tracks were a huge hit, and today is set to be even better. Doors open at 10:00 and the conference kicks off immediately, with a focus on the energy transition and how tank terminals can get ahead of the push towards future fuels.

Terminal professionals from Zenith Energy, Advario, Tepsa-Rubis and more will be discussing the challenges and opportunities for storage terminals at the FETSA conference. Over on Terminal Operations & Safety, DCMR will be discussing improving stagnating safety compliance at 10:30.

And don’t miss the iTanks pitch and networking lunch at 11:30 in the Terminal Operations & Safety Conference. You can hear about the newest innovations there, and at the Sprint Robotics Pavilion too.

After lunch, there’s plenty more conference sessions to discover and the show closes at 18:00. You can find the full conference program for both tracks on the app. Hope to see you at StocExpo for day two!

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