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Women in Tanks: Akansha Gupta

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Molly Cooper

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Global functional safety manager at Emerson, Akansha Gupta, tells Tank Storage Magazine about why she chose tank storage.

After earning her degree in instrumentation engineering, Akansha Gupta, global functional safety manager at Emerson, was equipped with a solid foundation for the world of tank design and operational procedures. Her initial attraction to this field stemmed from the role it plays in supporting key sectors such as oil, gas, chemicals and logistics. ‘The importance of ensuring the secure and effective storage of these valuable resources was an issue that captivated my interest from the outset,’ explains Gupta.

Gupta began her career at a reputable company, where she immersed herself in hands-on experiences with tanks of varying sizes and materials. ‘This first- hand exposure allowed me to develop a greater understanding of the technical intricacies involved in efficiently managing tank farms,’ she says.


Akansha Gupta‘In my current role as the global functional safety manager at Emerson Sweden, my primary objective is to underscore the industry’s awareness of the importance of safety in both design implementation and operation at terminals,’ Gupta explains.

In this field, safety is non-negotiable. Accidents and incidents not only pose threats by way of costly downtime and damage to reputation, but they can also have a huge impact on the environment and human lives. In her role, Gupta advocates for a commitment to safety, by integrating technical knowledge with practical insights. ‘Through guidance, storage terminals can proactively identify potential hazards, implement preventive measures, and optimise safety protocols. This ensures seamless operations, minimised disruptions, and enhances overall productivity,’ she says. ‘My role is about championing a safety- first mindset’.


In work environments dominated by males, women can help foster positive change by building robust professional networks to provide access to mentors, sponsors, and allies who can advocate for equal treatment. ‘Additionally, women can focus on continuous learning and showcasing their expertise to gain recognition in their fields. Encouraging open dialogue about gender biases and fostering a culture of inclusion are vital steps towards instigating positive changes within organisations,’ says Gupta. Achieving gender equality in the sector will require efforts from both men and women, along with the wider industrial field.


‘I would recommend the storage tank industry to women for a multitude of reasons. The main reason is that the field provides so many opportunities for growth and advancement, with roles spanning from engineering and design to project management and operations, allowing women to excel,’ says Gupta.

Gupta believes the tank storage industry has great opportunities for graduate woman and others because of these of the great career growth, competitive salaries, skills development and the impact the work can have on wider communities. ‘More women are needed to help diversify this workforce and promote equal opportunities within the section. As well as helping large companies to establish a place for women through flexible work arrangements and a supportive work culture,’ says Gupta.

As a woman in the industry, one of Gupta’s most gratifying milestones her career occurred when she integrated into the operational industry, securing acceptance and recognition. She led and successfully delivered complex upgrade projects and orchestrated turnarounds were particularly proud moments.


Historically, the operational industry has been male-dominated and overcoming stereotypes and biases has required effort from both men and women. One of Gupta’s main career goals is to promote diversity and ensure that her voice is not only heard but valued in decision-making processes. ‘My ultimate career goal is to grow into to leadership positions where I can influence organisational strategies and policies, ensuring they promote diversity and equal opportunities,’ says Gupta. Beyond just personal career growth, Gupta wants to inspire and mentor the next generation of women in operations, helping them overcome challenges and reach their full potential. ‘My aim to contribute to a workplace culture that values and celebrates the unique perspectives women bring to the field, ultimately leaving a lasting impact on the industry,’ she says.


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