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3X Engineering: Repair, Not Replace

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The experts at 3X Engineering share a use-case for their ReinforceKit patch tank roof repair and reinforcement solution


Tank Roofs are an integral part of a healthy asset. With proper maintenance, they can last for decades. But when a tank roof fails, is replacement really the only option?

3X Engineering’s ReinforceKit patch is a wet lay-up patch repair system designed to reinforce tanks and pressure vessels, restore original asset integrity and prevent further deterioration. Each repair using the ReinforceKit is tailored to suit the needs of the facility. The repair can be made while the tank is online, meaning no loss of production for the terminal. It is a versatile product with a large range of applications (storage and GRP tanks, pressure vessels, separators, columns) and suitable for a range of tank and vessel sizes.


Composite patching finalised

The Facts

In 2023, 3X Engineering was approached by a tank operator from a Middle Eastern refinery for a roof repair due to internal corrosion. At the time, the tank was being used for oil storage and had a diameter of 14.6 m. The tank roof had been damaged by severe internal corrosion, leading to important through-wall defect. 3X Engineering’s repair specialist had to reinforce the tank roof with minimal disruption. The solution was to use the ReinforceKit patch repair system. The repair design was performed in compliance with API 653 and ASME PCC-2 standards. It was not possible to step on the roof, so the work was conducted out of a basket man lifted with a crane, supplied by the client. Protection and safety was required including a charcoal mask for respiratory protection and a height harness.

The system restored the tank’s integrity and prevents further deterioration. For the repair at the Middle East refinery, 3X Engineering used a composite patch made of 320 g/m² Kevlar patches and ceramic reinforced epoxy resin. This specific resin composition provides good anti-abrasion and chemical features.


Performing The Repair

The roof tank reinforcement was performed following four main steps:

  1. Surface preparation and cleaning: The surface preparation was performed manually. No electrical or spark-producing work was allowed. Once the surface preparation was done, hygrometric conditions were checked and the complete area was cleaned with acetone.
  2. Filler and steel plate application: 3X Engineering filler was applied on small holes and then sealed using steel plates (previously prepared on both sides) covered with 3X specific filler. The steel plates were held using magnets until the filler is cured.
  3. Wire mesh application: Wire mesh was applied on the large defected areas and covered with 3X Engineering filler before the patches were applied.
  4. Composite patching reinforcement: The first layer of R3X95 resin was applied on the entire surface. Then, patches of Kevlar fibre with R3X95 resin were applied. Nine patches
    of three layers on each one were necessary to completely cover the defected area. This resulted in a total of 27 patches installed on this project.


Tank repair completed


Altogether, the repair covered an area of 100 m², including the defect. The tank is now repaired and protected from any infiltration from the roof as well as vapour emissions, as requested by the client. This repair was designed for a lifetime of five years but other repairs can be guaranteed for up to 20 years making the ReinforceKit patch a viable option for many storage tank owners. For 3X Engineering there are no limitations in pressure and defect size, and the repair is user-friendly and relatively safe, requiring no hot work. In this case, the repair was completed by trained and certified applicators.

ReinforceKit patch is recommended to work with tanks operating between -50°C (-58°F) to 150°C (302°F) subject to external and internal corrosion, dents, mechanical damages and leaking defects.

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