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Axess Digital: Accurate Reporting Through Modelling

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Axess Digital’s Ole-Erich Haas explains how its web-based interface is improving reporting on site


3D modelling is becoming a more popular way to accurately map tanks at a terminal. But making sense of the data can be a challenge. Axess Digital has introduced a 3DView application, an innovative solution designed to showcase expansive 3D models seamlessly within web browsers. Launched in December 2023, this application effortlessly renders vast 3D representations of civil engineering structures like storage tanks and bridges, based on data captured by colleagues in other branches of the Axess group.


Benefits Of A Web Application

Axess Digital’s application empowers users to conduct virtual inspections, annotate results directly onto the 3D model, and generate comprehensive reports. With this web-based interface solution, there is no need for specialised hardware or software, ensuring a hassle- free experience. Furthermore, the system can integrate with other applications and dashboards, facilitating the presentation of a diverse range of data for enhanced efficiency and collaboration. The 3DView application also supports for partitioning 3D models into distinct zones, thereby enhancing precision in reporting and assisting in monitoring the progress of inspections. This solution also pinpoints the exact locations of defects in the images on the corresponding 3D model, enabling the identification of unique defects and the calculation of lengths and areas.


An example of corrosion detection of one of its Detection Models that is connected to the 3DView Model. More details about the AI and 3D working together during the presentationAI Integration

Axess has also integrated an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) engine into its 3DView application. This AI engine is developed to enhance efficiency by streamlining the inspection process. Upon uploading data into the platform, the AI promptly identifies defects, which users can then visualise and verify for accuracy, through the web interface. This iterative feedback loop continually refines the AI models, utilising corrections made by users as invaluable training data.

The 3DView application integrated with AI for virtual inspections can significantly reduce on-site time, which contributes to an overall reduction in inspection costs. The 3D models serve as an excellent initial step for inspections, providing a comprehensive visual overview of the entire structure before engaging in further procedures for in-depth analysis.

To date, Axess Digital’s application has been employed in inspecting bridges and tanks for cracks. The team’s commitment is to continuously enhance productivity and efficiency for clients by consistently improving the capabilities of its AI models. This involves detecting more defects with greater accuracy, while ensuring the security of all information.

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