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Crea Construct: Why Choose A Pre-Fab Pump And Valve Room

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Learn how a Crea Construct prefabricated unit can benefit your terminal


In the petrochemical sector constructing a pump and valve room on site is not always easy. Starting with the first projects in the petrochemical sector, Crea Construct noticed that construction of the pump and valve room on site was not always easy. Often, a lot of valuable time can be lost due to difficult weather conditions, strict safety regulations and coordination with other works in progress. The circumstances on site can also lead to more errors during installation, and therefore more work afterwards.

Crea Construct’s prefabricated pump and valve room


Efficiency & Precision

Crea Construct continuously aims for the highest efficiency and ultimate precision. So, when it came to building pump and valve rooms at terminal sites, the team set to work to find a solution for the issues faced onsite.

15 years ago, the company developed the concept of a prefabricated pump or valve room. The idea was to build a unit within its workshop, in which all piping, valves, the pump and even electric cabling was already mounted and tested. After delivery to site, only a few connections needed to be made to finish the installation.

For the first units, Crea Construct started from a standard 10 or 20 ft container. But this didn’t provide the flexibility in design required for bespoke installs. So, the company started to build the frame and the container itself from scratch, giving the advantage that all dimensions could be optimised according the client’s needs.

By building its own container, Crea Construct or a client, could use the materials of its choosing, resulting in a high end finish with RF60 sandwich panels, offers good insulation, whatever the weather and provides protection for equipment in case of a fire.


Custom Design

With a custom design, Crea Construct offers infinite flexibility as all dimensions and arrangements can be chosen. Based on the dimensions, it can assemble various prefab units into one large unit. The complete construction, both mechanical and electrical, of the units is done in Crea Construct’s own workshop in the best conditions and with high levels of precision. All necessary tests can be carried out and the customer is also invited for the FAT test, after which the prefabricated unit is transported.

On site, only a concrete base, an electrical power cable and possibly an underground pipe and signal cable need to be provided. Upon arrival on site, the plug-and-play unit is placed in its final position and connected. A few days later the unit is ready for use.

In addition to excellent flexibility, limited onsite hours and disruption, and safe, comfortable working conditions, this unit also offers the advantage that a building permit is not required in many cases because it is a mobile unit. This can be helpful when customers wants to relocate or even replace the unit in the future.


Why Choose Crea Construct?

Crea Construct was founded in 1999 and has since grown into a total partner in the world of fire protection systems. It uses clear communication, organisation and efficiency, to provide high-quality services to customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Its experience in demanding sectors such as petrochemicals, oil and gas, together with its technical knowledge, enables Crea Construct to execute projects from start to finish, regardless of complexity. At the centre of a fire extinguishing system is the pump room and, in many cases, also the valve room. Throughout the past 15 years Crea Construct has designed, built and delivered over 50 prefabricated units to customers in both Belgium and the Netherlands.


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