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Gastech 2023 to Showcase Climate-Focused Innovations on the Road to Net-Zero

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Anamika Talwaria

Anamika Talwaria

Editor & Head of Content for Tank Storage Magazine & StocExpo and Chair of Women in Tanks.

Climate technologies are driving down emissions, safeguarding future energy supplies, and advancing the cause of a just energy transition in the developing world. According to estimates from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University, they could reduce global CO₂ emissions by 40%. Climate technology is a critical component of the world’s decarbonisation efforts and, in recognition of this, Gastech 2023 has expanded to include a dedicated Climatetech exhibition and conference programme, which will bring together established energy players, policy analysts, investors, and Big Tech.

As investor enthusiasm for climate technologies remains strong, and the wave of policy incentivisation continues, Gastech 2023’s Climatetech zone – hosted by ENGIE and ExxonMobil – will seek to accelerate the deployment of new climate technology solutions across the entire energy value chain.

Within the Climatetech zone, Gastech 2023 will also – for the first time – host a European Pavilion, organised by the European Innovation Council of the European Commission. The pavilion, which will host 17 companies, will promote the innovation and ingenuity of European companies in natural gas, LNG, hydrogen, low-carbon solutions, and climate technologies, as well as the wider energy value chain. Championing collaboration and convening a global network of experts, Gastech will provide the strategic direction, leadership, and vision that are required to make much needed breakthroughs on climate technology and bring about next-generation energy solutions.

The transition to net zero emissions opens an investment opportunity of almost $7 trillion a year – a considerable proportion of which will be spent on climate technologies such as AI, carbon capture, electrification, and agri-tech. As the world’s largest global exhibition and conference of its kind, Gastech will offer attendees unparalleled insights into climate-focused innovation and technologies, as well as access to the knowledge required to understand how best to harness the opportunities that they present.

Anne-Sophie Corbeau

The Climatetech strategic conference agenda will invite global business leaders from companies including Baker Hughes, Petrobras, Technip Energies, and Linde to share their insights on the future of the sector and discuss credible, tech-enabled routes to net zero. The curated programme will cover cutting edge, future-forward emissions reduction solutions, and enable attendees to build the knowledge and contextual awareness of the role that climate technologies have to play in transforming the entire energy value chain. The Climatetech technical conference will provide delegates with a forum to discuss and showcase key technologies, innovations and solutions in carbon capture, utilisation, and storage, power grid, electrification and digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence.

Taking place in Singapore, Gastech 2023 will also advance understanding of the role that Asia – a region with rising prominence in the Climatetech landscape – has to play in the global energy transition. Since 2013, 26.2% of global Climatetech funding has gone to startups in Asia, and between 2016 and 2020, 40% of average annual energy investment in Southeast Asia went to new energy technologies. In this dynamic industry, Gastech will support the creation of an integrated, collaborative, and competitive climate technology value chain, in Asia, and across the world.

Dr Alessandro Romagnoli

Anne-Sophie Corbeau, global research scholar, Columbia Center for Global Energy Policy and Co-chair of Gastech 2023 Governing Body, says: ‘Gastech has evolved from a conference about gas, to a conference about gases. The range of topics now covers the full span of lower-carbon energy solutions; the launch of the Climatetech programme, a new addition for 2023, is especially timely. Over the course of the past 15 months, energy has moved to the very forefront of the global geostrategic agenda, and minds have been refocused on the combined challenges of energy security, affordability and climate change.’

Alessandro Romagnoli, co-director of the SJ-NTU Corporate Lab and Gastech 2023 Governing Body Member, says: ‘The main goal for all the stakeholders taking part in Gastech is that of decarbonising the entire energy value chain. For this, we need to expand the talent pool and foster innovation, the creation of new startups and ventures, and create adequate policies and investment enabling a rapid deployment and scaling up of zero carbon energy solutions.’

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