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Global Tank Storage Award Winner 2023: iSensPro for Emerging Technology

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Cyann Fielding

Journalist at Tank Storage Magazine.

Cyann Fielding speaks to iSensPro about its gold win for Emerging Technology at the Global Tank Storage Awards 2023


Sensor Technology plays a crucial role in the bulk liquid industry by providing accurate and real-time data about various parameters related to the storage, transportation, and handling of liquids in large quantities. These sensors monitor and control important factors such as level, temperature, pressure, flow rate, and quality of liquids.

No two sensors are alike. The bulk liquid sector is experiencing emerging technology at an exponential rate. One company has recently made a significant impact with its ground-breaking sensor technology. iSensPro’s iSens-SDS ATEX moisture and CUI-sensor led the company to victory with the gold Emerging Technology award at the Global Tank Storage Awards 2023.

Yves Desmet receiving the gold award for Emerging Technology at the 2023 Global Tank Storage Awards


The Road to Success

iSensPro’s journey began with the development of an intrinsically safe sensor, designed to be deployed in explosive environments. The team had been working diligently to achieve the necessary certifications and approvals, ensuring a safe and reliable product. Prior to winning the award, the iSensPro team had already received positive feedback and garnered interest from potential customers, making the recognition at the Global Tank Storage Awards even sweeter. Yves Desmet, CEO and co-founder of iSensPro, says: ‘Our most important USP is that the insulation of static assets doesn’t need to be dismantled for applying our sensor; most other sensing equipment requires the cladding and the insulation to be removed.’


The Value of Winning

Securing the gold award for Emerging Technology not only brought recognition but also served as validation of the team’s hard work and dedication. Desmet says: ‘It was very rewarding especially in our case as we are a start-up company. So we are on the verge of commercialising our product.’ So, this achievement is very significant to iSensPro. It not only boosts confidence but also provides a strong footing as the company ventures into commercialising the product. The award has helped open doors for the company, enabling iSensPro to initiate commercial discussions with potential customers and build crucial partnerships.


Entering the Awards

Participating in StocExpo seemed like an obvious choice for the iSensPro team, considering the positive feedback they had already received from potential customers. And entering the Global Tank Storage Awards was perfect to complement their presence at the event. The timing aligned perfectly with iSensPro’s recently acquired intrinsically safe certification. It was an opportunity they couldn’t pass up. ‘We think we have a good product, serving the customers’ need for more efficient and automated maintenance. And so it was kind of proof that we were not the only ones who believe in it,’ comments Desmet.


Revolutionising Maintenance Processes

The sensor developed by iSensPro has the potential to revolutionise maintenance processes in the industry. Traditionally, maintenance of static assets, like pipes and tanks, requires costly and labour-intensive visual inspections. But iSensPro’s award-winning sensor is an automated solution, eliminating the need for extensive human involvement. By simply placing the sensor on top of insulated static assets, it can detect moisture, coating degradation, leakage and corrosion within the insulation. This non-intrusive method offers a more cost- effective and efficient approach to asset inspection. In part, this is because it does not require the dismantling of insulation for installation.

Additionally, the sensor provides real-time data on the condition of static equipment, eliminating the need for predictive analysis. This offers customers a clear understanding of the asset’s health and enables them to take proactive maintenance measures, reducing costs and downtime. Desmet says: ‘So, with one sensor installed on an existing pipe, you can measure up to 1 km of pipe, for example. If you put the sensor below or at ground level, the pipe may go up or may go down and may go up again, may contain valves etc. All that is measured automatically without being intrusive in the whole pipe system.’


Impacts On Sustainability & Streamlining Operations

Implementing this sensor technology has significant implications for sustainability and operational efficiency. By automating the inspection process and providing real-time data, asset owners can avoid or reduce costly shutdowns and extensive revamping of insulation, resulting in cost savings and reduced environmental impact. The sensor’s ability to identify problems accurately and provide precise data empowers companies to make informed decisions and optimise maintenance strategies. On the other side, iSensPro’s sensor can indicate that an insulated pipe or tank is still in good health and does not need reconditioning, skipping unnecessary maintenance.


What’s Next for iSensPro?

Looking ahead, iSensPro is focusing on commercialising its products. This involves strategic staffing and securing funding for the company. Winning the gold award has provided iSensPro with a valuable introduction to potential customers, opening doors for commercial discussions. The team is excited about the future and believes that its award-winning technology will drive success in the market. Desmet says: ‘Now, of course, we have a good introduction to our potential customers. We first start every meeting saying ‘Hey, we’ve won the gold Emerging Technology award’, so it’s a good opener.’


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