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Mesa ETP: Seal Replacement For Efficient Maintenance

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In the world of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), project managers who oversee storage terminals grapple with numerous challenges each day. These range from tight budgets and high maintenance expenses, to the critical need for minimizing tank downtime while maintaining safety records. Mesa ETP recently collaborated with a project manager who dealt with these challenges and was presented with Mesa ETP’s ClipLock solution, transforming their approach to tank seal replacement maintenance.


Crude Realities

A project manager at a storage terminal in the western United States was overseeing the maintenance of tanks that stored a variety of products, including crude oil and refined substances. The tank terminal was facing expensive repairs, which would have a direct impact on profit goals and extend out-of-service times. Any of these issues would affect the company’s revenue, customer relationships, additional emissions loss and put strain on the requirement to maintain safety performance. While it may be a routine task, AST rim seal replacement requires significant onsite preparation. Labor to replace these seals can be extensive, much of which come from assembling thousands of pieces of bolted hardware to attach the seal fabric to the mechanical shoe.

The traditional method involves cutting holes into the seal fabric for fasteners, placing bolts through a blind hole, adding hold-downs, and inserting washers and threading nuts, all in a very awkward and non-ergonomic position. The hardware tends to be small and difficult to manipulate with gloves, which contributes to increased installation time and safety concerns. It has also been demonstrated that bolt-through hold-downs do not offer continuous clamping force, but result in pressure concentrations coming from the bolt.

The lack of a continuous force creates a pathway for fugitive emissions. The project manager faced a challenging dilemma: how to return the tank to service within a tight timeline and budget while maintaining a safe working environment. The key was to find a solution that could expedite the installation process, reduce expenses, and encourage safe work practices.


Sealing Success

Mesa ETP was able to provide a solution: a floating roof mechanical shoe seal equipped with ClipLock technology. This technology not only reduces emissions through continuous clamping, but also significantly cuts down installation time. Additionally, Mesa ETP offered custom design engineering and on-site supervision to ensure that the solution assembly aligned with the specific needs of the application.

The team successfully installed pre- assembled shoe plates and the primary vapor barrier on a 120 ft tank with a crew of four men, in only eight hours. This is a 50% reduction in installation time compared to traditional methods. The project was completed on schedule and within the allocated budget, demonstrating Mesa ETP’s commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Mesa ETP’s ClipLock technology eases the installation process and allows the crew to perform this while wearing safety gloves, mitigating the risks associated with traditional seal replacement methods.

By addressing critical business issues such as high maintenance expenses, extended downtime, emission performance, and safety concerns, Mesa ETP met the project manager’s expectations. As the demands on the petroleum industry continue to evolve, Mesa ETP leading the way towards a future where storage terminals can operate efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

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