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Re-Gen Robotics: Faster, Smarter, Safer

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Regularly assessing tanks is imperative to maintain terminal safety and is driving demand for robotic cleaning solutions says Aidan Doherty, MD of Re-Gen Robotics.

Failures and incidents at oil terminals can have extensive consequences for the environment and human health. When considering the cost of repairs, closure, remediation, claims and loss of share value, it can lead to a much higher impact for an oil terminal facility. It is easier for the companies involved to invest and ensure a proper level of safety to prevent adverse incidents from happening.


Asset integrity is a key element in maintaining process safety. It involves the systematic implementation of activities which ensure that equipment is designed, procured, fabricated, installed, tested and inspected in accordance with an agreed specification. It ensures the asset remains fit for purpose throughout its lifetime until it is decommissioned.

Evaluating how long a tank and its components can be operated safely before they should be taken out of service for maintenance and replacement is of paramount importance. All assets are subject to ageing. This means regularly assessing its condition and making a decision when it is no longer fully fit for purpose due to age-related deterioration in its integrity or functional performance.

Maintenance shutdowns are usually the triggering points to assess the integrity status of critical assets such as tanks and this periodic evaluation takes place typically every three to five years.


Operators are aware of the moral and business imperatives of providing safe practice to protect employees, contractors, the community and the environment in which they operate. Many are opting for a no-man entry tank cleaning service that provides state-of-the-art robotic technology that puts safety first. No-man entry robotic cleaning is growing exponentially and with the rapid pace of technological advancement, the best skill Re-Gen Robotics possesses is adaptability. During and after every tank clean, our NPD team is testing, rethinking, and changing processes, if necessary, in order to minimise terminal downtime and deliver the most value for money.

Our engineers and robot operators understand that oil and gas clients are looking for optimal efficiency, so our focus is on driving their productivity and delivering innovation on a daily basis.  Re-Gen Robotics offers tank cleaning services for a vast variety of tanks which feature closed looped cleaning circuits and a highly efficient hydrocarbon recovery system to protect the environment. Our experienced tank cleaning professionals appreciate the challenges that clients face and our team can mobilise our robots at short notice to carry out cleans for any size or condition of tanks, no matter how dirty, that are up to 60% faster than manned tank cleans.


The service we provide from start to finish is straightforward and completely transparent. At enquiry stage we make every effort to compile as much information on the tank(s) to be cleaned. This includes: tank size, type, location, contents and volume and nature of material within. Clients will be taken through a detailed presentation of our proposed service where they are free to ask any questions regarding our equipment and processes, and they can provide us with more details.

At this stage, a timeline and next steps can be agreed, and a sample proposal is provided on timings and costs of the proposed tank clean. This is followed by a site visit to assess the tank(s) and meet the team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the scope of work. Once all the details have been specified, a final proposal outlining method, timeframe and cost is submitted. To keep an open line of communication, we use weekly data reports. This ensures any issues or queries are resolved and determine whether any additional features or processes can be employed to provide further value for money.

Our technology offers clients reliability and flexibility at an entirely new scale that makes tank cleaning safer, faster and smarter than anything that has gone before. The self-contained system contains robotics, vacuum, jetting and cranage so there is no capital outlay for terminal operators. Our cranes are designed to lift the robot over bunds and into position therefore doing away with the need for scaffolding construction which saves time and money. This is useful for tank farms and terminals, especially when they are in remote locations.

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Since 2019 Re-Gen Robotics has been championing quality and safety in our tank cleaning business. We have fostered a reputation for excellence and deliver a premium service for oil giants who trust us to get the job done smarter and safer.


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