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Olivia Energy: Alleviating Congestion in Cadiz

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Olivia Energy Group tells Tank Storage Magazine about the expansion of its Puerto Real Terminal in Cádiz, Spain.

Initially built in 2008, Olivia Energy Group’s terminal in Puerto Real, Cádiz, Spain represents a highly strategic location. While it’s a local storage company, Olivia Energy Group is focused on global trade, so being situated in one of the five main global shipping lanes is crucial to its business. Being ‘glocal’ is essential.


Olivia Energy decided to expand the 30,000m3 Puerto Real terminal as the market demand was far outstripping its current capacity. Olivia Energy was experiencing an increased demand for physical trading activities on middle distillates, and all terminals in the region were already committed to long-term contracts. So, it was time to invest in additional capacity.

The expansion was completed in August 2022 and includes eight new tanks for fuels and chemicals, ranging from 250m3 to 9,000m3. The new total storage capacity is at 80,000m3 and the Puerto Real terminal is expected to hold a throughput of around 600,000 tonnes per year. In total, the capacity of Cádiz Port, along with other terminals in the group, has reached 130,000m³.

On top of this, Olivia Energy has incorporated two new berthing terminals, which provide enhanced jetty possibilities and help avoid congestion at the port. The terminal can accommodate vessels ranging from coastal to medium range (MR) or Panamax. The pipeline has also been extended.

As well as increasing storage capacity at the terminal, Olivia Energy fitted in- tank mixers and heaters to offer in-tank blending for high viscosity products.


Operational excellence is the main goal for the Puerto Real terminal. The terminal can offer a bespoke service with maximum availability and flexibility to ensure zero demurrage at the Cádiz Port. This is what helps it stand out against some of the bigger named terminals.

This is particularly important as the market is predicted to continue being volatile, so flexibility and the ability to change products in tanks and determine the best tank sizes and designs etc. is a huge advantage.

Olivia Energy also recognises that the permissions process with different authorities can be complex and time- consuming to store certain product families – so being able to store as many specialised products as possible is another bonus.


Olivia Energy wants the terminal to be positioned as a logistics hub for sustainable products. At the same time, the group is looking to reduce its carbon footprint by incorporating renewable sources of energy. The first step is to implement solar energy into Puerto Real terminal’s truck loading gantries and buildings. The team also hopes to use solar technology into tank shells.

In addition, along with Cádiz Port Authority, Olivia Energy Group has started an initiative to reforest all empty gardens at the port, with exotic species as a symbol of global trade.

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