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Speaker Preview: NISTM Woodlands

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Ahead of the NISTM conference in December 2023, Pierre Legault shares the highlights from his scheduled talk on inspections in remote locations.

On 5-7 December, the tank storage industry will descend on Texas, USA, for the 16th annual national aboveground storage tank conference and trade show, run by NISTM. The conference is always full of industry experts ready to share best practices and updates in the tank storage industry.

Tank Storage Magazine is proud to be a media sponsor, and our team will be in attendance this December, so be sure to say hello at our stand. In the meantime, enjoy these insights from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Storage tank inspections in the Canadian arctic and remote locations

Icebergs in the waterPierre Legault is a consultant with experience in storage tank construction, design, project management, environmental engineering, code and regulatory expertise, and field inspections. Working with 11 different federal departments and agencies, and with several American federal agencies, Legault has acquired significant experience in dealing with engineering matters at North America’s field and corporate levels. He has conducted fieldwork in the High Arctic and other remote sites in Canada since the early 1990s.

Legault now owns his own consulting firm and works with government clients to offer services such as infrastructure compliance, specialization in petroleum systems and regulatory compliance. He is a licensed engineer in seven jurisdictions, a tank operator, a certified STI SP001 inspector, a member of NFPA and IAEM. He also volunteers on 14 different standard development committees and is a senior training provider in petroleum systems and various hazardous materials.

At the NISTM conference, Legault’s presentation on Storage Tank Inspections in the Canadian Arctic and Remote Locations will provide information and numerous examples of remote storage tank inspections while comparing Canadian and American regulatory and personal protection requirements. The comparison will permit a broader understanding of the differences while explaining that work in each jurisdiction has essential legislation that must be respected.

Legault’s objective is to provide the audience with information gathered over the last 16 years, to the benefit of tank inspection staff. The American and Canadian regulatory frameworks differ greatly in both application and scope. Although a petroleum storage tank system is composed of equipment which is common across many parts of the world, there are differences in how each country applies its regulatory based codes and standards.

Storage tank inspections have many technical elements in common, with engineers, inspectors, and contractors working together to develop and carry these out. The inspections and associated work must be completed in a manner that is both compliant with the applicable standard and safe for the workers.

Good technical skills and self-sufficiency are paramount. Working in remote areas also requires logistical considerations. Inspection equipment needs to be present on-site while the inspector is also present, while also ensuring that staff have accommodation, transportation, food, and PPE; all equally important.

Local availability of contractors and supplies must also be considered, as there may be a requirement for product removal, cleaning, or assistance while undertaking work. Legault will showcase examples from years of inspections, such as Sable Island, Haida Gwaii, Resolute, Alert, and Hall Beach.

At NISTM, Legault is hoping to make attendees understand that American and Canadian safety regulations lack harmony. He hopes to benefit the individuals that are required to be in remote settings for the first time while ensuring a safe and effective work environment.

For more information:

Pierre Legault will be speaking at the NISTM conference, held on 5-7 December 2023 at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott, Texas.

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