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Blue Ocean Seismic Services completes trial of marine technology 

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Blue Ocean Seismic Services, which is developing the world’s first fleet of autonomous underwater vehicles for capturing high-quality seismic data from the ocean floor, has announced that it has completed a successful round of sea trials that prove the quality of seismic data collection. 

The technology can be used for offshore wind, oil and gas, and carbon capture storage and will transform the offshore seismic sector to provide more affordable, faster, safer, more environmentally friendly, and less carbon reliant solutions. 

The result of the sea trials brings the UK/Australian technology company closer to commercial operations, which are due to commence in 2024.  

Objectives of the recent North Sea active seismic trial included acquiring additional cycles of active seismic data with its alpha vehicles alongside conventional ocean bottom nodes, testing engineering solutions, and confirming the ability of the AP-OBSrV to maintain a close seismic coupling with the seabed, especially where crosscurrents exist. 

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